The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) is a global trade association that represents participants in the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets. Founded in 1985, ISDA’s membership includes banks, financial institutions, asset managers, hedge funds, corporations, government entities, and other market participants involved in derivatives trading and risk management.

Key points about the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) include:

1. **Mission**: ISDA’s mission is to promote sound risk management practices, foster market transparency, and advocate for efficient and well-functioning derivatives markets. It aims to provide leadership, education, advocacy, and standardization in the OTC derivatives industry to enhance market integrity, reduce systemic risk, and support financial stability.

2. **Standard Documentation**: One of ISDA’s primary functions is the development and maintenance of standard documentation and contractual frameworks for OTC derivatives transactions. The ISDA Master Agreement is a widely used legal document that governs the rights and obligations of parties entering into derivatives transactions, providing standard terms and definitions for common derivatives products and transactions.

3. **Product Development**: ISDA collaborates with market participants, regulators, and industry stakeholders to develop new derivatives products, contracts, and market practices in response to evolving market needs, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements. It facilitates dialogue and consensus-building among stakeholders to address market challenges and promote innovation in derivatives markets.

4. **Risk Management**: ISDA provides resources, tools, and guidelines to help market participants effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with derivatives transactions. It offers educational programs, best practices, and risk management frameworks to promote sound risk management practices, counterparty credit risk mitigation, and operational resilience in derivatives trading and clearing.

5. **Market Infrastructure**: ISDA engages with regulators, central counterparties (CCPs), clearinghouses, trading platforms, and infrastructure providers to promote the development of robust, resilient, and efficient market infrastructure for derivatives trading, clearing, and settlement. It advocates for standardized protocols, interoperability, and risk management standards to enhance market transparency, liquidity, and systemic resilience.

6. **Advocacy and Policy**: ISDA represents the interests of its members in discussions with regulators, policymakers, and standard-setting bodies on matters related to derivatives regulation, market structure, and industry practices. It provides input, analysis, and recommendations on regulatory initiatives, legislative proposals, and international standards to ensure that regulations are appropriate, proportionate, and conducive to market stability and efficiency.

7. **Market Data and Research**: ISDA publishes market data, research reports, surveys, and analysis on derivatives markets, trends, and developments to inform market participants, regulators, and policymakers about key issues and challenges facing the industry. It provides insights into market dynamics, trading volumes, contract performance, and regulatory compliance to support informed decision-making and policy formulation.

Overall, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) plays a central role in promoting transparency, standardization, and risk management in OTC derivatives markets. Its initiatives and activities contribute to the integrity, efficiency, and resilience of global derivatives markets, benefiting market participants, investors, and the broader financial system.