A Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a procurement vehicle used by federal government agencies in the United States for acquiring information technology (IT) products, services, and solutions. GWACs are multiple-award contracts that are intended to streamline the procurement process for government agencies and provide them with access to a wide range of IT solutions from pre-qualified contractors.

Key features of Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts include:

1. **Scope:** GWACs typically cover a broad range of IT products and services, including software, hardware, cloud computing, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and other related solutions.

2. **Multiple-Award Contracts:** GWACs are awarded to multiple vendors, creating a pool of pre-qualified contractors. This allows government agencies to have a variety of options when selecting vendors for their specific IT requirements.

3. **Pre-Qualified Vendors:** Vendors interested in participating in GWACs must undergo a competitive selection process before being awarded a contract. This process ensures that the vendors have the necessary capabilities and meet specific criteria.

4. **Streamlined Procurement:** Government agencies can use GWACs to streamline the procurement process and reduce the time and resources required to acquire IT products and services. Since vendors are pre-qualified, agencies can make purchases directly from the GWAC without the need for a lengthy and duplicative procurement process.

5. **Cost Savings:** By leveraging the collective buying power of multiple agencies, GWACs can potentially result in cost savings through volume discounts and standardized pricing.

6. **Compliance:** GWACs are designed to comply with federal acquisition regulations and guidelines, ensuring that the procurement process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

7. **Small Business Opportunities:** Some GWACs include provisions to encourage the participation of small businesses. This can provide opportunities for small businesses to compete for government contracts.

Examples of GWACs include the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Alliant, Alliant 2, and 8(a) STARS contracts. These contracts are designed to meet the diverse IT needs of federal agencies.

It’s important to note that GWACs are specific to the U.S. federal government procurement process, and similar contracting mechanisms may exist at the state and local government levels. The goal of these contracts is to provide government agencies with efficient and effective means to acquire the IT solutions necessary to support their missions and operations.