DA and AfriForum Condemn Malema’s ‘Kill the Boer’ Song

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) and AfriForum are livid, expressing strong condemnation towards EFF leader Julius Malema. They vehemently denounce his recital of the controversial “Kill the Boer” song during the EFF’s 10-year anniversary celebration at Soccer City Stadium.

The contentious song has stirred the embers of hate speech, leading to sharp rebukes from AfriForum. They raise concerns about Malema’s provocative chants during his closing speech at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

AfriForum had previously filed a hate speech case, but the Equality Court dismissed it last year. Nevertheless, undeterred, they persist and are currently in the process of appealing the ruling, taking the matter to the SCA in September.

Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s chief executive for strategy, firmly asserts that Malema lacks the right to chant the song, especially considering the case still pending in court.

DA leader John Steenhuisen joins the chorus of criticism, expressing outright opposition to the song’s rendition. Steenhuisen unequivocally condemns Malema’s chanting of “Shoot to Kill” and “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” during the EFF anniversary rally. He deems such acts unacceptable, as they amount to inciting violence, which has no place in our society.

Steenhuisen takes decisive action, vowing to hold Malema accountable for his dangerous remarks. He underscores the profound responsibility of political leaders to foster unity and social cohesion, emphasizing how Malema’s racially inflammatory language undermines the nation’s path towards reconciliation.

The situation raises alarms, as the EFF forges Doomsday Coalitions with its disruptive partners in the ANC and PA in Gauteng. Their blueprint to replicate this coalition at the national level next year to catapult Malema into the Union Buildings is a cause for concern.